Chronic spinal cord injury

His hip was giving out and causing him a great deal of pain. He had an unsuccessful hip surgery on one side and it impacted the other side from compensating for the weaker hip. Residing in New Brunswick, doctor wait lists and surgical wait times can be lengthy as is often the case in Eastern Canada. July , Roger had been involved in a dog attack resulting in severe right shoulder damage and nerve damage in his neck. He is currently waiting on MRI results. Prior to that, Roger had been involved in a motocross racing accident as a teenager that ended up crushing the bottom vertebrae in his lower spine.


Can it Really Change Your Life? There are a surprising number of exciting medical entrepreneurs currently in operation, producing innovative ways of improving healthcare within the UK, using technology-based ideas. This led him to develop Patients Know Best; a cloud-based platform that puts patients in complete control of their medical history. Using this platform, patients can show doctors all their notes, irrespective of when they were made or who made them.

The system is already being implemented in a number of UK hospitals.

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Is it true that diving puts you at risk? How serious is the connection between diving and spinal cord injuries? July is the number one month for diving injuries by a wide margin. Here are 5 facts you need to know to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Diving is the fourth leading cause of paralyzing spinal cord injuries. According to Shepherd Center, diving makes the list of the top five causes of spinal cord injuries with paralysis.

Most individuals who are injured are between 20 and 29 years old. There are multiple ways to sustain an injury while diving. There are multiple ways for a dive to end in injury or paralysis based on the location and structure of the spinal cord. The severity of disability depends on the level of the spinal cord where the damage occurs.

It is possible to damage the spinal cord by injuring the vertebrae and discs or by injuring the spinal cord itself. A user forum on Apparelyzed highlighted some of the many ways that diving can lead to a life-altering injury:

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Even Googling about couples and disability brings up websites on how a marriage can survive when one member is sick or on dating sites for disabled persons. We find it hard to believe that we are.

In years past, the leading cause of death among persons with SCI was renal failure. Today, however, significant advances in urologic management have resulted in dramatic shifts in the leading causes of death. Persons enrolled in the National SCI Database since its inception in have now been followed for 25 years after injury. During that time, the causes of death that appear to have the greatest impact on reduced life expectancy for this population are pneumonia, pulmonary emboli and septicemia.

More than half The post-injury employment picture is better among persons with paraplegia than among their tetraplegic counterparts. By post-injury year 10, The remaining are discharged to hospitals, group living situations or other destinations.

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That worked out at a total of points for the Welsh athlete, who finished 26 points behind Croatian silver medallist Darko Kralj, with Denmark’s Jackie Christiansen taking gold. The Bridgend athlete, who represented Wales at swimming before turning his attention to athletics in , was born with talipese and hemi-hemilia in his right leg, which means the limb is missing bones, muscle and ligaments and is supported with a brace. They didn’t know who I was but I was competing for Great Britain and everyone started screaming.

That atmosphere had my heart going and adrenaline through the roof. Davies claimed Great Britain’s first track and field medal of the Paralympics Watching the swimming at the Games proved a turning point. Davies poses with his bronze medal on the podium ‘It goes to show if you put your heart and soul into everything and commit to training full-time anything can happen.

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Both restrained and unrestrained occupants can follow the down-and-under pathway. As the use of restraints has increased, the number of survivors of major crashes has increased without restraint, they would likely have been dead on arrival. With this increased survival, however, has come a corresponding increase in severe lower orthopedic injuries consistent with movement along the down-and-under pathway. Side Impact Side-impact collisions occur when a vehicle is struck on the side see Figure Side-impact collisions account for more than one quarter of passenger car accidents, with slightly more than half of these crashes involving the left side.

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First, I’ll talk about me and go over some basic about trachs. The post after this will talk about speaking after my accident. This is a result of the level my injury is at, which is C-1 C When an injury occurs at the C-1 level the vertebrae closest to the skull , most likely it will affect the person’s breathing. In this case, intubation is required. A tracheal intubation, commonly known as intubation, is the insertion of a flexible plastic tube that goes down the throat to maintain an open airway.

Then with the use of a ventilator a person is able to sustain breathing. While in the helicopter on a way to the hospital they had to intubate me. Two days later, after finding out the extent of my injury, the doctors took me to surgery to remove the tube and do a tracheostomy. A tracheostomy consists of making an incision in the neck and opening a direct airway through an incision in the trachea.

The stoma that results from this can independently act as an airway for a tracheostomy tube trach to be inserted, allowing the person to breathe without the use of his or her nose or mouth. A ventilator can be attached to the trach or it can become the actual place a person uses to breathe. People can have trachs for different reasons, not just spinal cord injuries.

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Chris has no feeling from the chest down, complete use of his arms and limited use of his hands he can write, type, push his manual chair and even drive so he does very well for himself. Chris has been in the police force for 10 years now and before he started his career in law enforcement he was an Army Ranger. Chris was shot in the neck while on duty in serving involuntary commitment papers to remove a 60 year old woman from her home.

A dating scan is recommended. Vaginal birth is the usual mode of delivery in women with SCI unless there is a suspicion of cephalo pelvic disproportion. 9 If there has been SCI at a young age or pelvic trauma, clinical pelvimetry is performed (if not performed at the pre‐conception visit) and a caesarean section booked for 39 weeks.

Faith, hope, love, happiness and challenges Monday, August 21, Relationships in My Life According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of a relationship is: It feels good to have that one person or group you can count on to talk to or be there for you no matter what. I think it is difficult sometimes, but it isn’t impossible. It seems hard for others to approach someone with a disability because people are afraid of the unknown.

I have made many new friends since my accident including past nurses. Another type of relationship is on a romantic level. It seems like a complicated question, but some of the answers aren’t any different than from someone who is able bodied. Before meeting my boyfriend Ryan of almost 3 years, I still faced the same obstacles like finding someone who was my type and liked me for who I am. I had ups and downs, faced rejection just like others. Ryan and I met on an online dating website called Plenty of Fish.

Ryan is an exceptional guy, and one who has proven his love for me through his actions, affection, care, and trust. He currently works as a CNA helping other people with disabilities in their daily living. My mom has been there with me through everything. She is always there for me when I need her and takes good care of me.

Special Commentary – Me, My Disability and Call of Duty

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