A Brief History of the American Pit Bull Terrier

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Why do dogs kill? Canine expert’s warning to ALL owners after woman killed and eaten by pit bulls

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So her father went out to look for her at the area she frequented. There, authorities say, he found her two dogs, guarding what he first thought was an animal carcass. Her father found her on Thursday evening in a wooded area that used to be a farm, about a half a mile from the main road, Agnew told The Washington Post. Investigators also found bloody articles of clothing scattered in the area. Reuters Afghan police officers take position during a blast and gun fire in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

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A Brief History of the American Pit Bull Terrier

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A great companion animal for humans, the pit bull wasn’t always viewed through the media-created bogeyman lenses of today. Indeed, it was once America’s sweetheart breed. Read more about Pit Bulls: Best Dog Food for Pit Bulls or any dog. Bulldog Beginnings While the precise origins of the current American Pit Bull Terrier remain in dispute, with different historians favoring similar but not identical accounts of the past, a few elements seem beyond doubt.

The original “bulldog,” used primarily for boar hunting as well as companion and guarding purposes, appears in paintings dating back as far as the s. These dogs look remarkably similar to today’s pit bull. They were given the name “bull dogs” because when the horrible sport of bull baiting became popular, they were by far the dog best suited to this purpose.

Once bull baiting was outlawed in England in , its promoters began looking for new means of profit. They turned to ratting and dog fighting. At this point, it seems likely that at least one and probably more strains of terrier were introduced into the breed to make it more “game” that is, having a higher level of prey drive and aggression as well as smaller and more agile. Pit Bulls and People Despite the fierce prey drive hardwired into the original pit bulls, they always made excellent companions for humans.

Berlin: Drei Pitbulls greifen Frau mit Hundewelpen an

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In recent years, the breed has been unfairly villanized as overly aggressive and dangerous. While the pit bull does indeed possess a feisty and spirited character, the history of the breed reveals a much more complex tapestry of temperament and personality. Like many modern breeds, it is impossible to be completely sure of the details of the American Pit Bull Terrier’s long history.

However, many pit bull enthusiasts believe the origins of the breed can be traced back to antiquity and the Molossian family of dogs. The Molossian family of dogs bears the name of the people with whom they were most often associated – the Molossi tribe, a group of people who lived in ancient Greece and favored the use of robust, muscular dogs in warfare.

Officially termed canus molossi dogs of the Molossi , these animals were reknowned for their fierceness, and for their innate ability to intimidate the enemies of the tribe.

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Virginia’s Bethany Stephens was, it seems, mauled to death by her pair of pitbulls, dogs she’d raised from puppies. When police attended the scene they 5 of them found the dogs chewing on her ribcage. This woman doesn’t appear to be a drug-crazed, dog-abusing thug. While family, friends and even a professional or two initially stepped in to suggest she’d been murdered or killed by a bear, the eventual police statement appears to rule this out. There’s something seriously wrong with this breed, and other closely related breeds.

She’d asked her dad to care for them and they weren’t getting fed regularly, among other things. If that’s the case, then it certainly isn’t the breed that’s to blame. Cleon 20th December

Toddler killed by pit bulls; grandmother charged with second-degree murder

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Woman mauled to death by her dogs as she walked them in woods near her home

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Bethany Lynn Stephens had raised the dogs from birth Image: Facebook Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Police found two pitbulls “eating” their year-old owner after she was savagely attacked while taking them for a walk.

Bethany’s father had called police after she failed to return home from walking her two pitbulls in a woodland near home. A post-mortem showed injuries which suggested Bethany had tried to fight back as she was tackled to the ground. Facebook But following news of the grisly death, some refused to believe the dogs, Tonka and Pac Man, were responsible.

Barbara Norris, a friend of Bethany, told a local TV station the dogs would “kill you with kisses” before they’d attack. Police said the dogs were “eating” Bethany when they arrived at the scene Image:

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Pit bulls’ muscular strength have earned them a label as being aggressive or dangerous, but as thousands of dogs endure abuse and end up locked away in shelters, there has been a push to help these animals overhaul their reputation. Photographer Douglas Sonders began his photography series, Not a Bully , in to help dogs in need — specifically ones who are labeled as “bully breeds,” a term used for 14 dog breeds including French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers.

Sonders was inspired by his own pit bull, Emma. Emma came from a high-kill shelter and was rescued and placed in foster care.

The Fort-Fortitudine Vincimus Rescue Center, is a no kill, non-discriminatory rescue dedicated to alleviating the suffering of all dogs, in particular the American Pit Bull Terrier. This is an area where most dogs stand little to no chance of surviving once entering shelters, many of which have euthanasia rates of close to 90 percent.

Megan Wright was viciously attacked by a St Bernard dog and left needing more than 40 stitches Image: Facebook Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A woman has revealed the horrific injuries she suffered after being viciously attacked by a St Bernard in a bid to defend pitbulls.

Megan Wright was left needing more than 40 stitches and a broken kneecap when she was mauled by the dog while waiting for the bus as it passed her while on a leash with its owner. The year-old described feeling like her body was on fire as the animal punctured her legs 11 times and twice on her elbow as it tried to go for her neck. Megan said the attack only ended when a shop worker from across the street heard her screams.

These are some of the horrific injuries to Megan’s leg after the dog punctured her skin 11 times Image: Megan Wright “When I turned around to see what was going on, I saw the dog and thought for a second that he was playing and was like ‘Let go of my purse! Read More Dog attacks on postal workers on the rise with some having nose or fingers bitten off “I just remember my body being on fire and hot rather than actual pain.

Megan, who says she cares strongly about animal rights, has also been left with mental scars and is terrified when she passes a dog on the street. Read More Britain’s ‘loneliest dog’ FINALLY finds a home after being rejected more than 18, times “I still can’t be around dogs right now, and seeing one come at me walking down the street makes my throat close up, but every animal deserves a good home,” she said. She has taken to Facebook to hit out at people that blame dog attacks on pitbulls, revealing that she was attacked by a typically gentle St Bernard Image:

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Many people THINK they are, and if you ask them for proof, they send you lists of bite statistics and news reports of Pit Bull attacks. But that doesn’t prove anything. Rarely do the writers perform actual research. One obvious question they could investigate: Was the dog actually a Pit Bull? It’s impossible to determine breed by appearance alone.

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For example, when conducting the aggression test on the Rottweiler breed, over 5, Rottweilers were tested, while only 46 Chihuahuas were put through the same test. Therefore, the percentages cannot fully represent the aggression level of an entire breed. This is conducted with a series of different strangers approaching the handler, as well as a number of hidden noises.

The goal of the test is to examine how the dog reacts to people, noises, and its surrounding environment. How the Passing Rate Is Determined The percentage listed under each breed indicates the number of dogs that have passed the temperament test based on the total number of dogs tested for that breed. If there were 46 dogs tested for the Chihuahua breed and 14 of those dogs failed, the percentage would be the number of dogs that passed 32 divided by the total 46 , which yields a Failure is determined when a dog shows any signs of the following: Unprovoked aggression Strong avoidance Shortcomings to Consider Because “strong avoidance” is considered a failure, the ATTS test may not be an accurate measure of aggression alone.

The number of dogs tested per breed varies greatly, so the percentages may be skewed. There are many dog trainers who, when asked what the most aggressive dog is, will not respond with a specific breed. Celebrity dog behaviorist Cesar Milan is one such person who is against breed-labeling. Milan strongly believes that “the most dangerous dog in the world is the one that has been made that way by a human. Anyone who has owned a pit bull — a breed notorious for viciousness — can attest to the pit bull’s gentle, if not overly-affectionate behavior when it is raised with love and care by its owners.

Pit Bull Attacks: 5 Myths

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